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Our Story

Back to the Roots,
Ban Mueang Pan, Udonthani

Starting in the Northeast of Thailand, along the Laos border, I learned how to make the dishes that were part of my family and my village. The more I traveled, the more I learned about the food from Chiangmai, Central and Southern Thailand.

Hot, Sour, Fresh and Spicy

You can't visit Thailand without learning about some of the strongest and freshest flavors of food. The richness of curry, the freshness of the daily harvest, the heat that mixes with the sweet and sour.

I have spent many years studying online and practicing my recipes to match the flavors I grew up with. Including classes at the famous Blue Elephant cooking school in Bangkok and trading recipes with friends from every part of Thailand, I've learned even more over the years. I'm excited to share the flavors of Thailand with new and old friends here in West Chester, Pennsylvania.

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